Metal mesh curtain

Decorative wire mesh, Chain & Bead are made from Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Brass and other alloy material. It is widely used as curtains, space dividers, screen, wall decoration, ceiling and much more. It is coming in different colors & unique texture.

1- Metal wire mesh

SM- 1810(Gold)

SM- 1810(Bronze)

SM- 1810(Silver)

Material: Aluminum/S.S.
Wire diameter: 1.2mm
Aperture: 8mm
Max. height : 6 meters
Weight: 1.2Kg/Sqm

2- Metal chain

Decorative chain link curtain is made from Aluminum, is rust- proof and lightweight.

SM- 1191(gold)

SM- 1191

Material: Aluminum
Wire diameter: 1.0, 1.2mm
Hook width: 10mm
Hook Length: 23mm
Colors: silver, Black, bronze, gold, copper & etc….

3- Bead chain

Decorative metal bead chain made of carbon steel or Stainless steel and it used as Curtain, divider, partition screen, wall decoration and etc…

SM- 1191(gold)

SM- 1191(Black)

Material: Carbon steel & Stainless steel
Ball size: 3 mm to 12 mm for carbon steel 3 mm to 8 mm for Stainless steel
Color: silver, gold, black, bronze or customized as per client color.
Features: easy to get through, no rust, easy to clean and durability.